We are Educators

Over the years, Jen and Jacob have either donated to school’s for their enrichment programs or have found themselves facilitators. Along with five years of instructing high school drum line and two years as assistant marching band director, Jacob has also taught middle school drum courses, and elementary rhythm workshops.

Jen has seven years of experience teaching show choir choreography, has directed and arranged 5th grade-collegiate level choir, facilitated pre-school music, and co-instructed with Jacob for elementary- collegiate level story, rhythm, and music workshops. The two enjoy teaching together, creating, and learning from students.

Should you find yourself needing a little extra in the classroom or summer camps, you can book us to come visit and facilitate an enrichment program for groups of all ages and sizes.

Please email info@wearethedesign.org or call 571-344-1717 for more information.

Above is a “drum garden” built for North Branch School in Afton, VA.

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